Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best Music Of 2012

Some of my favorite albums of the year (and it's been a good one).

1. Dan Vapid And The Cheats- I love anything involving Vapid but this is his best yet.
2. Woollen Kits-Four Girls- New one just sneaked into my top albums.
3. Royal Headache- Great vocals and energy by the band.
4. Eternal Summers-Correct Behavior
5. OBN IIIs- 2nd album by these guys is as good as the 1st.
6. Strawberry Whiplash-Hits In A Car
7. Orca Team-Restraint
8. Dan Sartain-Too Tough To Live- A new direction for him and it's great.
9. Melody's Echo Chamber- I recommend everyone go out and buy this.
10. Redd Kross-Researching The Blues- Missed these guys so much.
11. The Primitives-Echoes And Rhymes- Their take on these 60's songs are as good as their originals.
12. Fresh And Onlys-Long Slow Dance
13. The Soft Pack-Strapped
14. Mrs. Magician-Strange Heaven- Sounds like The Shimmering Stars on speed.
15. Magnetic Fields-Love At The Bottom Of The Sea- Back to being one of my favorite bands.
16. Diiv-Oshin
17. La Sera-Sees The Light
18. Seapony-Falling
19. The Shins-Port Of Morrow
20. Fay Hallam & The Bongolian-Lost In Sound- Groovy sounds from my favorite vocalist.

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