Saturday, May 7, 2011

Junkyard Dog

"Creepers" were characters designed using color, shapes and minimal linework, Project DUMB is all about thick, chunky linework. I want to keep it simple this time.


  1. Good ol' JYD! Can I get a WOOF WOOF??!! Awesomeness!!

  2. Thanks for all the comments Dawn, hearing from you always makes my day better.

    Keep in touch, I'm working on a bunch of new stuff. In a week or so I'm having surgery on my back and will be away from my job for awhile. While I'm recouping I'm hoping to crank out lots of artwork (even if it's against doctor's orders).

  3. Hey I really like this. I was looking for junk yard dog images for a roller derby bout coming up. We have charity bout benefiting our local humane society and one of our teams are the Junkyard Dogs. Would it be ok to use this? We just need an image for the score board we would not be making money off of your art. Please let me know if that would be ok with you.