Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bad Kitty

He poops outside the box. He likes to shred things. He knocks his toys under the fridge. But I still love him.


  1. Cool character, and great colors!

    My sister used to have a cat that would use the litter box, except he sat at it backwards. His face would face the center of the box, and his rear would hang over the edge so he'd poop on the floor. How could we punish him? He was using the box, after all. Just not in the right way.

  2. I was having that problem until I made my own covered cat box out of a large plastic storage container. I cut a large door in one side. Problem solved.
    This worked where other covered cat boxes did not because my cats did not like the small space of the store bought covered cat boxes.

    No more peeing over the side. or worrying about the floor adjacent to the storage container "outhouse" it takes up a bit of space in the house, but it is worth it!