Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creepers-Angry Imp vs Annoying Ghoul

I've been creating Creepers for a few years now and thought I might give you a quick rundown on how I do the artwork. I start by sketching them out on tracing paper with colored pencils. I like using Prismacolors because of their soft lead and variety of colors. Once I have the rough sketch down I tighten the drawing up using a dark colored pencil that scans well. I scan it and save it as a Photoshop file, then I use the sketch as a guide to do my artwork. I use Photoshop because it's what I'm most comfortable with but I use it just like Illustrator, I create all the artwork as shapes with the pen tool. And I use a lot of layers for quick color changes and so I'm able to move shapes around easily if needed. I do some detail work and any lettering I use in Illustrator, the lines around the Angry Imps eyes are in Illustrator for example. When I'm done I save the artwork as a jpg. file and it's ready to post.


  1. I love seeing the sketches paired with the final artwork! These guys are awesome! I love how angry they look. I wouldn't mess with either of them!

  2. Interesting! I would have guessed you used Illustrator or some other vector program rather than Photoshop.

    I use InDesign like it's Illustrator. I'm more comfortable in InDesign and it's pen tool is easier to use, IMO. Use whatever works best, I guess!

  3. Yup, every vector drawing in my blog was drawn in InDesign. Try it sometime!

  4. Nice stuff :) And it's always nice to see how other folk work. My process is similar to yours Jon, but I take my scans into Illustrator and then into Photoshop if necessary. Not tried InDesign for vectors..maybe I'll give it a whirl :)
    Keep up the great work!

  5. fun stuff! Great characters.I tend to do most of my work starting with illustrator then onto photoshop for adding textures.
    Always nice to see how other folks work-thanks for sharing :0)