Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creepers-Crazy Punkin' Head vs The Wimp

I'll be on vacation later this week (Hawaii), so I wanted to post a few before I go.


  1. Punkin' Head is without undies and that's all The Wimp is wearing. So The Wimp wins!

    I hate nasty Punkin' Head.

  2. One more thing, I'm writing and illustrating my next book. Hope to present my concept after the Holidays and find a home for it. Will be a book on color and rhyming for kids.

    "Hi, I'm FRED. I'm the color RED. I've got a really big HEAD."

    I have ideas for all the colors and a few patterns too (plaid, stripes & polka-dots).
    Will have lots of weird characters to illustrate the colors. Here's another...

    "They call me RED. Because of the hair on my HEAD. But my real name is FRED."

  3. Underpants win! GO WIMP!
    Have fun in Hawaii! What a super cool vacation :)
    The book sounds fantastic, I hope it finds a home!

  4. Yeah, well I'm going to Terre Haute, Indiana for the holidays! That's much better than Hawaii! ;^)

    Looking forward to the book. I'll definitely buy a copy.