Saturday, July 17, 2010

Music Playlist

More songs I'm enjoying...

The Maharajas - In Pure Spite.  I have two albums by The Strollers and this is basically the same band, only better. Great garage rock that reminds me of the Hoodoo Gurus. Their "Unrelated Statements" and "A Third Opinion" are worth hearing too. "Repo Man" is fantastic!
Lover!  Rich Crook's band Lover! are my current favorite band. I've only been able to find two on cd, but all are on iTunes or can be found on vinyl from P Trash Records website.
Del Moroccos - Blue Black Hair. Fun album that's a little rockabilly, a little blues and a lot of old fashioned rock and roll. Reminds me of the old "Desperate Rock 'N' Roll" vinyl comps.
The Biters - S/T ep. Power pop with a bit of '70's Glam rock added. Used to be Poison Arrows, who also have a single available.
The Drums - S/T. Very good New York band. Now, if only their cd wasn't so expensive (import only, as of now).
Gary Numan - The Plan. Good compilation of early singles and demos. Again, early Gary Numan is always in rotation.
The Young Veins - Take A Vacation! The songs on this are really good. "Cape Town" and "Take A Vacation" are perfect summer songs.
The Like - Release Me. If you are a fan of the "60's girl group comps "Girls In The Garage" you'll flip over this. Great sound on this by Mick Ronson, he really made this a keeper.
The Primates - We Are The Primates. Man, I'm so to happy find this! Had it on vinyl years ago and forgot how good it was. Just as good as The Chesterfield Kings first couple albums. Heck, the songs "I Go Ape" and Bad Luck"  are so good it's scary.

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