Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Fire Dept. & Vermin Poets

Here are two new albums I love. The Fire Dept. I don't know too much about, but I've heard them mentioned for years. Their new 2 cd compilation is coming out next week and is on iTunes right now.
The samples sound great! Damaged Goods is a favorite record label of mine and I trust this is going to be an all-time best. All I know about the band is that it featured Neil Palmer who is now leading The Vermin Poets. I bought their new album based on Billy Childish's involvement and Damaged Goods track record of great releases. But Palmer is the star here. I love the '60's British freakbeat vibe and the heavy Medway influence. The band is tight, the songs are fun and the album cover art is perfect.


  1. I've learned today that I should probably just stick to posting my characters. Or to do a little more research before writing.

    But, really, these are two very good albums. Buy them now!