Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creepers-Happy Pumpkin Boy vs Hairy Harry


  1. More fab character design! I love their fingers, I struggle so much drawing hands, that I tend to get finger envy when I see them drawn well. Awesome job!!

  2. Drawing only three or four fingers per hand helps.
    Glad you like the new designs. I've done so many new one's lately. I wish I could post them all today, but I need to spread them out.

  3. Heh. Finger envy.

    Awesome as always. Any plans to collect these when you're done, like the Halloween monster cards?

  4. I hope! Right now I'm just trying to do as many as I can so I'll have a lot to publish (or turn into toys or whatever). I like doing things in large numbers, so things like Creepers and the Heads are perfect for me. Same with music, since the new year began I've bought over 50 new cd's.
    I might have a mental problem.